Aluminium Windows 

Atlas specialise in aluminium windows designed to replicate those from every era including Tudor, Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco as well as contemporary modern designs. Aluminium has the benefit of slimmer frames than PVC-u or timber allowing designs to suit period and contemporary buildings alike. 
Contemporary Slim line Aluminium Windows
Contemporary grey aluminium window installation 
Aluminium windows in hardwood sub-frames 
Slim line aluminium windows installed in thatched cottage 
Black aluminum windows in hardwood sub-frames 
Black aluminium windows with square lead 
Black wood grain foiled aluminium window
Black wood grain foiled aluminium window 
Black aluminium windows in white hardwood sub-frame 
White aluminium windows installed in hardwood sub-frame 
Black aluminium windows with diamond lead
Black aluminium window with diamond lead 
Contemporary grey aluminium installation
Contemporary grey aluminium installation 
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Will my windows have an  
energy rating? 
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As standard Atlas offer an 
'A' energy rating on all PVC-u, Hardwood & Aluminium windows. 
All installations carried out by Atlas comply with building regulations . 
All customers will receive certification of compliance with building regulations together with an 'A' energy rating certificate. 
Do I need building regulationsto replace windows & doors? 
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The replacement of windows and doors require compliance with building regulations: 
Fire escape: Provision should be made to ensure that means of escape in case of fire is maintained and made no worse as a result of a replacement glazing installation. All first floor windows in dwellings should ideally have opening lights large enough to allow you to escape through them if you were trapped in the room by a fire. This also applies to rooms in bungalows which open into a hall (unless the hall itself has an external door through which you could escape). 
Safety glass: Safety glass should be installed in what is termed as 'critical glazing areas' i.e in doors or a window which is within 300mm of a door and below 1500mm from floor height. Any window which is within 800mm of the internal floor. 
Trickle ventilation: Any new built house should have trickle ventilation as should windows or doors which are replacing existing which have trickle ventilation. 
Will 'A' energy rated windows save me money? 
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Atlas use the very latest glass and 
sealed unit technology to provide some of the most energy efficient windows on the market. We combine PLANITHERM energy efficient glass with SWISSPACER 
composite spacer bar and fill our sealed units with at least 90% argon gas. 
The result? – A lighter, brighter, warmer and more energy efficient home thanks to the advanced thermal insulation of PLANITHERM which is 3 times more efficient than single glazed units and at least 25% more efficient than most currently installed double glazing. 
Will replacing windows improve my home security? 
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Window security can vary dramatically from company to company. All windows installed by Atlas come with the prestigious, Police approved, 'SECURED BY DESIGN' certification. 
In order to obtain this prestigious award all of our windows are tested for all aspects of security by crime prevention officers under test conditions. The windows are subjected to prolonged attack with crow bars and screw drivers etc.. 
Once the police are satisfied the windows meet their rigourous security standards we are granted approval to use the 'Secured By Design' logo. 
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